Friday, April 3, 2009

My FeeL

1/4 April Fool

Actually This Day I 'm Very Happy Cause
I Want To Joke With My Misali Friends..[ BoY ]
So On 31/03 I Told My Best Friends CCH + Bill Gate( Because This Boy So Rich )
Haha I Told Them About My Planning Hihi...
But After I Told My Friends , OMG !!
They All Is A Da Mouth !!!~
Coz They Let All Of My Tuition Friends....
My Planning Fail ......
On That day , My Primary School Friend , Ricky Zai
He Sms Me That Day And Told Me He Wanna Marry ~
And He Asked Me Can I Attend On His Wedding ....
HaHa ...Happy ING ~
I Really Happy Then I Sms Him Said I Will !!!!

3/4 Today

Today I Went To My Tuition ( So Sad )
Coz Today Was Teaching Acc And Sc ..
This Two Subject Is The Subject Not Up To Standard ....
.........And Last Week I Didn't Went To Tuition ..
( Back Taiping For Ching Ming )
But Had A Bit Happy Also ~
Bill Gate Cried .....
Sad ...When I Looked Him...
His Sister Reprove Him ....
Some Thing Wrong !!!
And A Things Is A People Told Me He
Scare Someone But .....
U Told Me This Then Why Still Chat With She ???
I Really Don't Know !!!~
Why ???!!!

>>Jozen 's Birthday Is Coming<<<

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