Tuesday, April 21, 2009

School Life


Tuesday No Tuition But Still Have School ~
Damn Hate ~I Hate School ~
The Reason I hate My School It Is Cause
So Many Things ~
I Don't Like ~!!
Recently I Love A Boy ~
But I Know If I Say With The Boy
[ I LOVE U ] Maybe We Can't Do As Friends ~
Now I Less Log In My Facebook No Time !!
Haha The Words ..
[At The Time You Think You Know Everything ,
That The Time You Know Nothing ]

This Is Real ~
A Person Won't Know Everything In The World ~
As A Person Always Say He/She Very Clever But This Is Wrong ~
We Want To Know More , Learn More And Do More
...As Travel , Read Magazine , Do More Exercise ~
That Good ~!!
Although My English Not Very Good So I 'm Also Needs To
Learn In This International Language ...ENGLISH...
[[ Now Not The Time Into Loving ]]
We Should Know !!!
But I Still Love You ~XD


  1. hahaha XDD
    who jek?
    which boy u like jek?
    hahaha XDD

  2. lol.someone fell in love with someone~~we dont know who~~hahaha

  3. haha... u also wont know one lo the boy not our school one ...