Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Sushi King Promotion ~

Today , Sushi King Start The Promotion (Monaza )
...So ...After School , 1.10 pm
I wait My Mom Fetch Me To Selayang Mall ...
Wait Wait Wait Until 1.30pm My Mom Arrived ..
Get Into The Car ..
Opps ..!! Why Cch In My Mom Car Already ..???
So Fast ... = =''
Then My Mom Leave Us In Front Of Selayang Mall..
After That We Went To Sushi King There But We Heaven
Card (Member) So Cch Asked Jozen Mother Has The Card Or Not ...
But Jozen Mother Also Heaven The Card ..Shit !!!
Finally We Also Have The Card ..Damn Gate Didn't Came !!...
After i Ate The Sushi Then I Fast Fast Went To The Snooker There ..
But ...
Can't Enter There Cause I Wear School Uniform ...
So I 55 Went To Parkson Bought A New Tee..!!^.^
Haha XD i Bought The Biggest Size One (Q1) ..
So Funny !!!...
I Can Enter Already ..So Good ..
Deposit RM20...Gave Them ..
So I Play ..XD ~

My Look And The Tee !!XD ~!!Seriously ....Zi Jin 's Ass ~(I'm So Sorry)
Capture Yours Ass !!!
So Nice ..
But Some Things Sad Cause The Bian Bian Didn't , Jason Also But Never mind ..
I Know Already ..They Wont Come No Need To Await Them !!
Let Them Free !!!!

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