Wednesday, June 3, 2009

This Holiday ...

During This Holiday What Can I Do During This Holiday..
Except Tuition , Sleep , Play Com , See TV ....Anythings Else..
I Most Like To Go To Shopping ..Haha..Shopaholic...
i Am So Crazy If I Want A Things That I Want So I Will Do
Anythings To Get The Things ...
Shopaholic Means If A Day My Pocket Have RM300++
This 300++ Will Finish Faster ..Haha ~
My Tuition Pass Two days Already But My Tuition Is Very Special
Cause Everyday Form 4 VS Form 5 ...Yesterday I Was Lose ....In Add-Math..
Loser ...OMG ~Wanna Hard-Study My Add-Math...
This Friday Maybe I Will Go To Sunway Lagoon ...But Still Not Confirm Yet .. = =''
Recently I Heard A Song By Justin ( Asia) His Song Name's Be Ok ..Nice Song
Talk To Every buddy Just Be Ok !!! Haha So Nice ~
Every things B'ok !!!Boring , This Holiday ~
I Said I Want To Sunway But Still Don't know Will We Go ????
More 2 Week I Can Know My All Subject Mark ....
I Want I'm In My Class Top 10 Is ok ???!!
God ...I Will Pray Every day ...Haha ...Sot Sot One ...

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