Sunday, November 15, 2009

lazy girl 's life

I am a lazy girl , lazy go to school , lazy update my blog and i lazy to online i am going to watch the Korea movie ..OMG ..Korea artist , Korea singer ..All about Korea !!Being mad lur ...haha..enjoy my holiday ..i used to go to tuition every Sunday ..

Last Friday , i went to watched movie with my friends good lah the GOD ...i reserved the ticket for two movie 2012 and Jennifer's Body Happy ...My friend's mother fetched us went to 1U and that day i got up around eight am early to wake up ..cause want to take a bath mah ~then after that my mother fetched me to another friend house the friends went together with me ..Nicholas 's mother picked us in my friend's house ..Nicholas' s mother took another high way because scare the damansara highway jam ...So she took another way ...the way is very far but so fast we can arrived there Safely ...D.U.K.E. highway , Do you know it ?

Then i arrived there , i walk as a rocket ...Soooooooo Fast i ran to TGV cinema ..GOT the ticket ...OMG the 2012 couldn't got ticket because i am late ..i reserved the ticket and i should got the ticket before 45 minute friend's mother was late to sent us there ..never mind ...It is OKay ...then i re-bought the ticket and choose the places i wants..UP UP one ..nice !!the movie start show at but i bought the ticket at 10.50 ...RUSH !!No time ....i collected two ticket fast fast ..and then my friends went to bought the drinks and else .. ^^ ..

Start show !!the trailer of the new movie ---> YEAR ONE <----- I think this movie will make people laugh hardly ..full of humour ...skip the movie describe ...that's no time for me ...the 2012 is a movie call us to help our sickness earth ...Doomsday ? Will it come in future ? It will but not so soon ...maybe more 200000 it will be happen ...that is a dangerous for human !!!the next movie start at 1.45pm ...rushing !!!my god ...i am a god !!!the 2012 finished at 1.35pm i had only 10 minute to rest and went to toilet ...i better go to toilet ...Next movie is the Jennifer's Body !!nice !!i said !!the movie , Megan Fox so sexy in the movie !!i likes !!

Finished movie time , i went to take my breakfast around 3pm ...=D ..breakfast !!good girl !!3pm only toook my breakfast ~finished my breakfast then i enter Speedy and bought ONE PIECE !!the cartoon !!damn nice !!Finished ~maybe this week i will go to watch twilight !! NEW MOON !!

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