Saturday, January 2, 2010

DEC of 2009 part 1

Lol ...Today 20100102 already loh ...the second day od year 2010 ...2009 was the last year already is time i describe what i done during my DEC of YEAR 2009 Lolll....

First , 2nd of DEC i went to my cousin 's house for a course , the course was a public speaking ..That was my first time stand in front of 40 people ++ and having a speech ...the time i felt very nervous...the first day i went to my cousin's house i still remembered the day was thurday ,the first day i went to her house it was very relax ...we watched the drama [You'r Beautiful] together about four hours crazy ..before i watched this drama i 'm really don't know what the story about ..i only know the girl inside the drame is very beautiful and the boy is very leng zai ...lolllll...girls is like that one lah ..see *leng z@i* mah ..right ?!Then at the night we only started to prepare for the public speacking ...we are really don't know what should we do ...But * before i went to my cousin's house had prepare three speeches for this course ...The first title was [my introduce] ,second [water pollution] ,third ,[the benefit of surfing internet ]...that was i prepare for public speaking ..i really don't know what i need to prepare ...So , i tried to memorize itt...I'was happy b'cause i can totally memorize all ...then we slept at 12am ++ ...

Second , 3rd of DEC aunty sent both of us to the place , what the petaling dot dot dot ..i can't remember the address already ..That day i woke up at 6 o'clock ..I wanted to sleep arrrr, my sleep time ....only the six hours ...So i took my bath quickly and wear long pant and T-shirt and a big size jacket can imagine my look lol..Soooooo , i 'm arrived the destination ..There is a beautiful hotel , swimming pool...i wanted to swim there but i couldn't do that because i went there for public speaking not for FUN ~!! I 'm really felt saddd at that moment..LOllllll...Then the toastmaster'member told us about our seat and a file for us ..inside the file got a lot of papers somethings about our schedule , and what we should do during the following days ...It is very long time from 9am till 5pm @ss ...sad about that that was my first day in public speaking ...then i went out and stand in the middle of class and having my speech [intrduce myself]...LOL..i only mmorize all i wrote on my paper ...the go out with nervous feel ..Finished it already it'was fun ...i stand in front of them and have a speech then the guys asked my some question about my life , my age some things like that lah ...TEA TIME gone fast ...i hate ...i really hate ...i with my cousin back the room and continued our course ..that time i hopes time gone as fast as rocket cause i really dislike to go on the course ..finally the god helped me time we can back home ..XD ..TY god ^.^i slept inside the car , cause i m really felt more energy i can play ..and the only things i can do is SLEEP ..Then i watched the drama with my cousin again ...[you'r beautiful] >>then sleep ^^THE THIRD DAY OD PUBLIC SPEAKING WAS THE SAME THINGS SO I SKIP TO THE LAST DAYY..the last day of public speaking was cameeee Wee~!!So happy about this day cause it is the last mah ...But parent should come to watch us how to speak in front of people mother came on that day with my brother ...that day i felt very nervous and when i spoke , my voice was shaking ..i really scared , i 'm fear at the moment ..u didn't know ...Because many people inside the room and listen to you ..i 'm afraid ...shaking <

Then after the speech , i stay in my cousin'room played maple and watched drama the certificate ^.^happyyyyyyy ^^from 2nd DEC till 11th DEC i stay in my cousin's house ...everyday same routine , play computer , watch drama , eat , sleep ..LOLllllREALLY TIRED ~!!HOPE NEXT DAY WILL BE A GOOD DAY~!!



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