Friday, February 5, 2010

The bad feeling ..

NOW i 'm listening music same as last friday ...this week happened a bad things that was i ponteng my tuition cause i really don't know how t do the question teacher gave ...i scared...really scare...i don't know how to do it and felt so stress ...i cried ..i told my mom ''mom don't want to go tuition ,but my mom not that kind of mom , my mom said [you should go] don't be a ostrich and run away but ...i can't face it what do i do ?'' So i went back home i started to do the question , before i tried to do , i asked my classmate helped me and teach me how to solve it but hard to understood it ..Then i called my friend cch , when he answer the phone the sound like don't want to answer me ...that time i was so angry ...he is my best friend why answer me like that ...?! Then i ended the call , and called another best friend zi jin ..he is the best , i know him since i was stardard four tuition together ...the time we are only a small children ..lols ..then i called him , he is good , and answer me ...but when i said i don't know how to do and i cried cried....he told me don't cried he teach me how to do but ...i really unable to bear ...continue cryy... then end the phone ...I off my phone cause i really down , moody ...think all negative ..!!really sad ...when u 'r reading this post , maybe you will feel that i ' alone at the moment ...My mom saw my face , she found that i was in tears ..she asked me go to sleep (take a nap) and if i dn't wan to go tuition just sleep i step in my room quickly ...*sleep* when i woke up at 7pm ...i thought i will wake up at 5pm ...really tired T_T..Tomorrow is a school day ganti chinese new year one but i'm lazy i stay at home also >< dad asking me to sleep ..he said i woke up early today so sleep early also be healthy ^^ i 'm a good girl ^^

I Gotta FeelinG
Good Good NiteZ

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