Tuesday, February 16, 2010

The First 3 day of H'CNY

I 'M VERY TIRED RIGHT NOW ..but excited aso because yester i came Taiping and gamble with my relative XD ...OMG ~! I start gamble on 14/2 the first day of happy Chinese New Year ..I am very happy on that day because all of my relative cone to my house (not including the first aunty) WE've Fun !IT'S VERY FUN ....

The first day of happy chinese new year 14/2 that day was a Valentine's day..i am alone ...i am single ..but never mind ..doesn't matter !who cares ?!After 2pm , i mop the floor and have my bath , after that , go on gamble with my fourth anuty ..! damn !i gamble with my father ,i 'm rugi !Sooo, at the night i ask my father give back me the money i lost ..Yahoo !My father give me XD ...then the first day i go to Ipoh overnight !It's a boring day in Ipoh !What the hell is going on ? I don't know ..Before i went to Ipoh , i book the movie ticket via Online reserve ...but finally , my mother said don't want go cinema ? WTF ?!O.O ...around 11++ i sleep lor ..

The second day od Happy Chnese New Year ,15/2 ...Yahoo! Cause this day i went Taiping ,Peter said fetch us go ZOO but ...the SUN , JUST LIKE A GIANT SPOTLIGHT ....how to hang out ?I don't want to be a chocolate girl or Malay girl >.<> ILOVEYOU !OMG ~!! how many times i write ?O.O''After roller we went makan ^.^ actually we wanna go snooker , but ...FULL already how can play ?!sad ya =( i wan snooker ar !!!! Then no chiong K , no snnoker ...only can go to eat cause heavy rain ...lols..we ordered a whole chicken, i bought a yogurt(strawberry) my sister and Peter bought peel fresh from Tesco ^.^ After 20 minutes , Peter 's mother called him , ask what time are we coming back home ..So , we finished eat , move out the shopping centre and get into the car ..back home =) the road was jam ..Peter ,YOU ARE SO GOOD !there was the third times that Peter fetch me out XD ..DA GEGE ..lols back home my fourth aunty ask me for gamble ,$$ , i want it $$$ how to earn more money ar ?! lack of money ar ! my god !then i took my bath first , after bath ,go on gambling , start from 7 pm we gamble till 3am ..OMG !3AM , NIGHT LIFE WAS started ^^Peter fetch me and 3 uncle out for yam cha , i wen 7-11 bought 3 cans of beer and went a chinese mak mak eat some things ..hungry* and a large bottle of tiger =) love alcohol !back home at 4.09am damn night ^.^miss the moment!i'm thinking if live near petaling jaya there , will Peter fetch me out ?!maybe , or maybe no ...*DREAMING*...I am the girl , who is krazy ..right ?Sleep at 4.30++

Today , is the third oF HAPPY CHINESE NEW YEAR 16/2..later , i leave Taiping ..Aiyaya ..SAD lor !Today i woke up at 7.30++ ....nobody wake up excepted me XD...i am full of energy now ...i being a panda girl !*sigh* my idol ---JAy chou 's drama names Panda Man ...i ;m the Panda Women ...lols funny !Blog , just like my diary...but diary means ,everyday...mine , just a diary follow my mood , if my mood become down down , i don't want to write any things here ... NOW , I 'M BLOGGING MEANS MY MOOD IS GOOOOOOD ! WooHoooooo!


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