Saturday, July 17, 2010

The BOY ?

i took this picture in my sis's car :D fair is it nice ? haha
Look dark woor ~
- Yeah !

-One of my favourites brand-->Charles & Keith !
- with this doll doll ^^
-half of my face
-The poses upon my face 
What do you of ? Some of them are emo , happy , feeling and regarding more ~From my picture , do you know my feeling exact ?  Hmmm , recently i think a boy step in my heart already , but don't know why someone step in my heart without any reason but when the time i want remove them from my brain , it's hard to make it ~ i don't exact know what is he thinking about ~ But , the feeling was so weird ! A boy keep telling you that you're so cute ....So weird ! I felt sosososo weird ! What he said on Thursday makes me think all of the day ~ i think i ...him ...haha , joking nia ~This week i felt so tired at all , took these all pictures , don't know what time take another ~Can't predict ! My tweet ! Follow me ! i whole day on tweet one ^^ 

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