Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Exam Week Babe !

This weeks is Exam Week , Any time any second , i think of the paper which came out on exam ! My time is totally changed , because i gonna study till midnight , the first day of exam was Tuesday .Tuesday was exam Bahasa Melayu ,Bahasa Inggeris , Sejarah , Mathematics , these four ! For me , i think my B.I still can score about 60++ but i hope that my B.M could get 50 above , because my B.M really suckk ! Hope | Bless ! This time , Mathematics is so hard about the question , like i never seen before ! Dai Lor* 

Today was exam Account, Science and Moral . These three i think i can score =] especially Account ~ Tonight gonna study for Add-Math . Gambateh !! 

I hope i could get a ticket for MTV world stage ! 
Really sad to hear about cut down the ticket ---
Hope bboyrice can get a pair of ticket then bring me go =]

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