Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Digi Limited Edition Phone Socks to be WON! | Hari Hari BlackBerry® Mari promotion

As a Digi angel , You have a chance to win a blackberry phone stock to jazz up  that BlackBerry® smartphone you just won!
Although i don't have won any blackberry , but i will try harder to get it =]

Digi : Tell us why you want the limited edition phone socks.
Me  : I want to win the blackberry phone stock because i want my blackberry become prettier , cute and fashion while i bring it along everywhere .So stylish that makes me want it .

Let's have a look on it , so sute :D 
Aren’t the phone socks absolutely precious?!How cute is it right ? Wear Jeans , Long sleeve shirt for blackberry and a flower-flower shirt for BB ~So cute !!

Anyone wants to join  Hari Hari BlackBerry® Mari promotion click here the link below for more detail =]
Hari Hari Blackberry Mari ~

  Hope i could be the lucky person to win this =]