Friday, August 13, 2010

A Happy Day I Had

Finally , I've time to update my blog , Friday :D This post is about last Sunday i hang out with my friendss !Now it's time to post some pictures here to show you all how happy is it !
This is the first picture i took with them ( Yize ,Yang ) Yize is a bake == when i want to take this picture he said , shinnleng can you stop do those stupid thing , but the time when i took ,he came together = =||
 Wei Jie & Brian and so on :D (inside a VIP K room)
Us , but missed someone ~
A tall boy , my friend , since i was form 1
Boys Picture xD
Poker ''King'' haha
The light is so luxury =.=
Cool or not ?xD my friend !
they're choosing the song which they want to sing ~
Boys were playing there :D
Smile , Just like this =)
Four of us ~(Yang,Vivian,Me,Brian)
Make a wishh !
This food isn't delicious i tell you !!
Birthday cake ! for us !!although it's simple , but it's happy !
And i took picture with this fellow Yeah !! happy with this guy !
Two of my besties ! (liwen , vivian)
Don't know which fellow took one =.= blur like this
Me xD
Sing sing sing ~already forgot what song i was singing there ~
haha , they don't know i took picture with them xD
Me & Brian ^^
Ussss !! =)
Besties Vivi & I ~
Funny pose !! haha !
is this my sexy back haha ?
USss again :D
No parking thank you xD
They took picture with this GTR !!
Lolli Lolli Pop ! xD
Me and Mr John :D
And with this fellow again , Yize handsome right ?haha
After 6 pm , i was rush back my home cause my daddy worry about me T.T can take dinner with buddies T.T hope we can go out together next time ^^
finish post and two edited picture :D
Haha , pretty right ? i think la haha !
Balloonss + Lollipop :D
More picture about 080810 --->My album on fb
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  1. so happy to have friends around :)

  2. VIP and's hard to get any better than that....

  3. The karaoke room looks quite big. Where is it? Can accommodate 20 people or not? =)

  4. @tolanic , yes the room is huge ! vip , can accommodate 20 people ++ =]
    @calvin , wahahahaha yeppp !

  5. I miss going to karaoke. Each time go karaoke here is AUD18 like rm50 per person :(