Friday, September 3, 2010

My Day 0902 !

First ! I took picture with my friends in class :D
Just As Usual ----
Free Style ~
My Big Big Day 0902, but this day was no any celebration, any birthday songs for me.Sad Yar :(
But still ok la , this Sunday i 'm going Sunway for shopping and buy something for myself ,Topshop ?Roxy ?F-21 ?come on ! LOL wait for me !i'm coming on this Sunday !
More Picture about my 0902 , Stay Tuned :D


  1. nowadays can bring camera to school edy?
    back in my time, got camera sure confiscated.. =P

  2. @jan thanks

    @ken nowadays what also can bring to school one mah xD

  3. Nice Pic!!!!
    Thanks Friend~
    I'm change my blog lu~