Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Mid Valley + The Child 's Eyes + Tiger At Night !

My look before going out to Mid Valley =] (at my house)  
Overslept fast rush to KTM alone :(

 this is my style :D
 And meet up Richard Teo !  A friendly people !
 Our drinks ! (not including Chloe 's )
 Chloe had her Breakfast =]
 Me & Chloe
 Again ! Cam whored time ! :D
 My ''cute'' look xD ! U can laugh ! :D

 Do-MO !

 took piicture at the Kepong Sentral !

 Cium !Kissssssssssss
 C2 pid Look !wtf ?!
 its view ! :D
 No ones walking ...
 same story ! :D
 I was bored in the Kepong Sentral :( so i took picture alone =]
 Blur like that ?
the changes of the sky while i was waiting my sis to pick me up =]

 this also the same =]

 My cam whored skill while i was waiting my sis =]
Flying Flying my hairs ! :D
I was shaking while i was waiting for my sister to pick me up !
wait a person alone isn't  good =]
i sang Jay Chou's song for kill my boredom !
Next Year i'm going to Jay Chou's concert ! :D
Join Me !

today was a happy day but after i got a bad news from someone i really gone mad
and i had three cans of tiger !
Like this
 I'm not really good !
and i drank three cans ! :D
feel so high now !
thankiew ! and i 'm loving u ! :D

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