Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Tik Tok ---Exam Is Coming !

Tik Tok tik tok ...I can feel that SPM is saying ''HALO'' to ME !I'm stress but i still enjoy blogging here xD God Please forgive me .Promise you i 'll try my best + best + best in SPM !3 A's can i score it ?!

Before & After SPM
I've decided after SPM ended, i think i have left than one month to play,party,hang out,shopping.I've decided that is going to college on January,i knew this decision will delay the time i get my car license, and i can't drive to college.But i think it is doesn't matter la.Since i can take public transport if my parent allow.I hope my life goes on with what i 've planned .I hope no people can mess up my planning.Next year,2011 is not so far!It's coming ~like a clock tik tok tik tok ing ~Sometimes i feel scare of exam .Because it gives me so much stress and sometimes i just can't handle it alone.Maybe music can help me.But somehow i will cry in front of the book which i'm reading.

I hope myself can handle the stress around me right now.I prefer study at night.No mom and dad disturb me, my brother didn't walk around me when i'm studying ...these all are so annoy when i 'm studying !after my SPM i hope i can get a BB or new iphone4 since my current phone always hang -.- sometimes i really hope i can throw it away but i can't ! wtf !The life i prefer is freedom enough ! :D which subject i aim A's in SPM is Bi,Maths,Account ~these three is musttt ! Don't fail any subject i knew although i hate History to the max but i can't fail !

Bless me (:

Ask me Party after SPM (: