Tuesday, October 12, 2010

You Again?

The guy a very hate in my past is A boy!that time he was so childish always throw me rubbish, or show ur( me and my friends) his saliva, it's so disgusting,and not only these ! He throw my bag outside the class !!!Talk about him , i'm really angry about what he did to me , he always gossip about me and my friend PS: if i can punch him, i really do.but i'm a girl how can fight with a boy ! he keep asking some gangster to disturb me in class !Sometime i really think in my min ::What the hell ?!!You again??!!:: Making me sad /unhappy / panic are your entertainment ?I'm not a toy okay ??!!The most stupiest thing he did was he pushed me out while it's raining outside my class !!the next day i got fever and coughing non-stop all because of him !he made me felt panic in the class all the time he called me as ''monster'' in the class now i recall back these memories.it's a unhappy memory.but this memory can be so memorable as i can remember till now after 5 year.The happen was occur when i was a form 1 student and now i'm a form 5 student who is going to college soon (:


End post (:

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