Monday, November 15, 2010

The Crazy Moments (Long Grandma Story)

Time flies ...Now left week time my SPM is coming ...The next week i gonna sit in the hall and SPM !I think i 'm a optimist enough lor.SPM haven't start yet, and now i 'm thinking about the life after SPM !Today is NOV 15 !my exam start on Nov 23rd till Dec 20's like a exam marathon !I'm so fed up lor, but no matter how i fed up,i have to take the exam as i've studied Primary School, now Secondary school ....High School 's life is going to say bye bye to me.Friends i miss you, i will miss you .Every night before i sleep.During Secondary School life, the most happier year is when i was form 2 !the time when i was form 2 i was crazy enough and was a bad girl, who doesn't want to study, lazy to flip on books ,play truant and more rebellious bad things. Maybe it's an experience for me,for my growth,i do not expect my friends will read this post, because this blog is not a photo post, it's wordsss from my heart.Form 2, was a happy life !The time i had my 3 ex best friends,i think the time was my happier life .But Form 3 for me is like a nightmare! I cried my heart out even in a silent night, i can cry out my tears easily.My ex best friend does not want to be friend with me anymore.What can i do ?i cried....Tearss ...But during this 5 years, i think my best friend is Nicholas.Although he is a boy and i 'm a girl but it doesn't matter.We are friend , best friend , like BFF .We were tuition at the same place, i can swear, we didn't quarrel before ! So best right ? love him lor !

Family , cousin , i love you all !Especially Peter & Jean. Maybe i don't meant anything for them but they meant so much for me. for real.Peter Chew , i don't know whether you're going oversea study or not but if so, i will cry harder than Shaun went to Russia last year.I was so sad when i knew the card i made for Shaun and he cannot bring it along to Russia....Peter, Still remember the time u asked me '' are u sad because Shaun did not sayang me ? '' i was wanted to answer u '' yes '' but i knew i didn't speak it out.But it's hurt !Peter Chew sometimes you are so good, but sometimes i don't know why i will fell afraid of you ? you aren't a cat also ?what i scare about ?i don't know myself also. Jean, i love u more than i love my sister,anytime i go to your house like a place which help me de stress all the time , kill my unhappy minded ! i'm so happy when talking to you. i love you lor.

Myself ? i don't know much about myself also! Sometimes i laugh 99 but i turn emo suddenly ! People can't tahan me at all !i know , sorry guys! sometimes i make u worry about me when i 'm sad.i'm already 17 years old la !Don't worry about me , like the song big girl don't cry ! deal with stressi ! :P i won't lose , i think i m the final winner :D smile smile smile like rainbow on the sky, no matter how sad i 'm sad.but sometimes i 'm tired of pretending i'm fine when i m not fine actually,but who i can tell to ?a hole ? write it on blog ?no ? seldom share my unhappy here LOL next year i m going to step in a college and wish i can do my best in SPM, bless me, god, i'm a good girl :P smile = rainbow sky = face !hmm what else leh ?! i think no liao la , all these are on my mind currently ! finish d, should get my ass off :) for LOVE , sorry , we're just a dream .i love u in my dream because i know u wont love me geh :P lalala single ok la xD my prince i'm waiting for u to save me ! :D  Peace ------

some pictures here ~ yesterday almost 12 hours seminar .

smile like that >>>

my fed up look yesterday !
like wanna punch people d ! LOLX !

my friends !
my smile :D

Crazy moment !
blur -.-

my crazyness !

i kissed a girl !

end post with ---
innocent look :)

fighting for SPM ! 
wish me luck :)