Saturday, January 1, 2011

In Year 2010

Things i have done in year 2010

  • met a brunch of awesome people (haha i don't want mention who la)
  • i got a new ipod touch
  • finished my SPM
  • start using twitter
  • learn how to burn a disc
  • took a lot pictures with my friends in school
  • watched more than 5 movies in a year xD
  • went a place to countdown merdeka day on 31/8/2010
  • had a super duper crazy night (drank 3 can of tiger at home alone)
  • vomit after drinking too much of red wine
  • got a award .
  • full kk-mark
  • a good student (but still didn't done her homework sometimes)
  • met Brian,ViVi ,Eva ,Ck (my loves)
  • bought myself a new cap
  • went out with my loves !
  • got a new look (short hair)
  • i found that i like sai mai lou so max !!!
  • finished my secondary school life , moving to coll on March of 2011
  • Shaun backed to M'sia , and backed to Russian
  • Watched 2 movies with him !
that's not much !just a little part of my mind right now :)
looking forward what would happen in year 2011 :)
good night peeps :D