Friday, December 3, 2010

We Were A Movie .

I Love My Class . 5 Cekap 2010 .
I'm scare -.-
Left 2 more paper .
Account & Economic

A blog post without Picture (: 
Not bad also (: 

Jia You SPM :)

Stories About My Form 5 life :)
the stories we've made , it's just like a movie , laughter, happiness, sadness , and etc etc can't be described in word , much and much just can be talked in heart,we're a movie , a movie made by 5 Cekap , teachers , students , and anything of our class.I scare , really scare when the time after 20 Dec , we will never see each other again , but who knows ? In future ?? I just hope all of you don't forget me , the time we spent together almost 1 year :) i love you guys . Eva Wong , Chuan Kai  , Brian T , Vivian L . hmmm what else to say ? hmm , Brian you always cari gaduh with me but ...i know you aren't hate me , you just like to bother me and quarrel with me , the best man in the class , although you are not xD , Eva W , the prettiest girl in the girl , i swear ! she is pretty with a clever brain , for me , she 's an example of perfect ! Chuan Kai , don't always gambling ok ? it isn't good at all la , although i know you are rich -.- Ponteng all day ! PS : you are our class monitor leh ? how come ? how can ?.....Vivian bak chi ! baka ! but i like her xD , everyday talk non sense with me , make me feel like wanna punch her everyday , not only this ! she likes to say me Bai Ka also >< aiya , always ask me go watch those scary movie ...haunted some-more -.- i really scare la !after watched can't sleep well ok ?! We go watch Narnia la although it's childish la !!Childish not good meh ?Why so mature ?stay in dream better than in real life >< i don't wan real life !!! goshhh !! these 4 people , the most awesome people in the class :D i love them so much much da max !! :D picture , is the best thing of our souvenir :)