Saturday, January 29, 2011

29012011 . My Day .

Today i woke up at 5.30 am , it's so freaking early eyes was like -.- , but it's worth to wake up early to do revision for my undang test , it's the second time i 'm going . i scare fail , really , very . but i passed it ! ok , i'm so happy today ! But ....after i passed the undang test then i went listen the amali for 6 hour long , but it's not exact 6 hour la , i don't know i 'll go there for listening amali , i didn't bring my mp4 , ipod along with me . sad case . bored like hell , played my w801 i , nothing can play ...bored bored bored. I was waiting the uncle tell me what time to end the amali class , what the men talked in front i don't know exactly ! I slept in the class , because i sat in the last second row , the men talked in front didn't bother me . I do my own thing and he talks his own story . LOL . I had my brunch at 1 pm , felt damn hungry in the class , i went there alone , my two best friends already got their license ...i sms one of my best friends say ''guy you wait for me to fetch you'' but he replied me as ''don't worry , you will fail until next year'' OMGeee ! How can say like that lah xDD bestiesss ! okay , today i passed my undang test . still have driving test ! Omgeee again ! STOPPP !! don't think too much !!! HAPPY CHINESE NEW YEAR LORRR !!!


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