Tuesday, February 15, 2011

A day to remember during chinese new year 2011 .

Girls always do this no matter in car , house , during a party , whenever with besties , friends , family and blah blah blah ....
 the second picture with my sister and cousin , girlssss talk ! in the car ! I was went out with my mom today , went to tian hou gong , i don't know what its english name *sorry* , been ... wasting my time at home for more than 1 month lorrr , i was so freaking bored at home , what i do at home is , watch drama on PPS , facebook , twitter , sleep , blog on another chinese blog and another social network , weibo and dotdotdot la , LOL , i 'm so lazy to post so so so many pictures on this blog LA , *sorry* again xD
Feel free can read my chinese blog , something about non-sense , something about love , something about my lifestyle , and something about LALALA ._. more like i 'm talking non-sense now , haha gonna watch Mr & Mrs Incredible this coming saturday, another wanna date me go out ? place i prefer like , 1 Utama , Mid Valley ...waiting tomorrow to come , a brand new day . hope it would be a happy day to me .
today is a happy day for me . smile , happy , took a lot of pictures . wish you have a nice day too .


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