Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Another Big Dream Of Girls !

haha what am i going to tell you is , the time when i saw this picture from weibo , i got ''OMG'' this word in my head !haha all high heels !my dream , another dream , i have a lot of dreams , use the word '' a lot '' of , it's uncountable la !Girl 's dream , most are pink room , big room , dolls , hello kitty (i 'm not so addict to hello kitty) but i like stitch , haha Lilo & Stitch , i watched it when i was a kids ! although nowadays i 'm not really remember the story line in Lilo & Stitch , but still ...i  like it ! Tomorrow i 'm going to play badminton with my cousin , haha , i like my cousin ! exercise is good , no any disadvantage i think :)  trying to update my blog everyday ! no matter what's on my mind , what i 'm going to do , what i did ...and blah blah blah ! by the wayyy  , i 'm on skype like 24/7 ! add my skype - shinnleng < i want people talk to me everyday ! but , if u add me , just want your skype contact looks like so many people you know , then , please don't add me ! thank you . this will be a post after 12.00am but i have done it at 11.34pm ..wish you have a nice day . Song of The Day -- 我会好好过 // 李玖哲

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