Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Do you remember ? Jay Sean says !

Do you remember ~~~haha listening this song and make me think back my memory when i was form 3 , this picture taken by Cch i think. ok , it's been 2 years ago , the story behind this picture is when i was form 3 , i wanted to make a birthday cake to Nicholas wong , i tried one thing is ---- baking cake ._. , it's so hard ! cook chocolate , look at the temperature ...and bla bla bla, so bad ...actually i 'm not a girl who always cook something at home , but i am expert in cooking maggie mee , that's all ! my cooking skill ._. too confessed ! i know , friendship , not easy to maintain sometimes , what you do , and did , it tells you about your and your friends , me and Nicholas , i think we knew each other more than 5 years and we never quarrel before , but sometimes we argue for something and then , haha stop .... because sometimes we just want to fight for no reason and argue for fun !that's what called friendship i think ! and and and this blog is kinda mess ! i hate lor , i still prefer my chinese blog xDD this blog talks non-sense haha ! randomly post this !

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