Saturday, March 26, 2011

if i were a boy ....

hemmm , if i were a boy , my life would be better ? i 'm thinking of this question , now is year 2011 , but why some parents , treat their daughter like no value ?fuck ?! i'm not saying your parent but maybe i 'm saying my parent ... but somehow i cannot say my parent treat me like no value , they just maybe sayany my sister and my brother more la . Cant say they not sayang me...i admit i have a happy family , my Yim Family always is the best. in my heart ,this is a afternoon post ! i'm just too randomly think of this question .but somehow , i feel jealouscy because of my brother . but, i know my life is good enough compare to those kids who are living at Indonesia , living below the poor line . i know my life is good :) but now , my feeling is fucked up !diuuuu ! feel so pissed off of something :( sad ya ! hemmm, should tell you all that i have done registation for HELP University College , Foundation in Art . i hope i can study well . next post i will post how my student card looks like , i 'm like a indian girl ...the saddest thing is , i can renew my student card on year 2014 ... haha anyway , hope everyday will be a happy day for me . smile . break . laugh . life . is . good .

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