Sunday, March 13, 2011

What is my dream ? 12.28am

Halo people ! look at this picture ! if you are girl and viewing my blog post , this blog post !Do you want a dream room and fills up with all bear bear ... all around your bed ? haha most of girls like this type of room , i do ! i like too ! i 'm so in love with bear bear , although i don't have so many bear bear now ..but i want to buy // collect after i have my own room , now , i 'm still using a same room with my sister , hope , my dream would come true haha . so ... like ... so ... -.- bored ! and people , what 's the time now ? 12.27 am , sleep lor ! ok , finally , i tell you , this was taken in year 2008 , at Singapore , Toy's City ! good night :)


  1. can't imagine if one day my room fill with bear bear

  2. wonder how many ppl hugged those toys and how dirty they are actually.