Sunday, April 10, 2011

Dad's birthday house buffet !

Yesterday was Dad's birthday celebration , at my house , with friends , cousin , uncle , aunty and dot dot dot ...haha many people . can't list all here :) Yesterday i was so tired till can't update blog LOL ! Show you pictures!
 they were preparing for the birthday buffet !

 small garden of my house

 big bee
 my house !
 opps ! pork !
 buffet !
 happy grandma & my baba !
 kids were playing ipad

 family !
 this is Yim Family plus Chew family =.=
 the birthday cake !

chit chat !

That's all about yesterday,a day before today , i was so happy with my friends Cch, Nicholas & Pui Yi & Yan Ni , haha chat all stupid things with them is the biggest happiness of day ! laugh till me @.@ LOL i hope u know what i mean ... and i will post a blog post about my orientation night , very soon !maybe tonight ? or tomorrow la , tomorrow having a 8.30am class , T^T ... college life ! -.-  baibai


  1. wahhh so much food. Happy Birthday to your dad yeah!

  2. happy to see u commented here .. not just saying heyya on chatbox xD :D thank you !