Wednesday, April 6, 2011

I'm Malaysian and i like Durian !

Your favourite fruit ! Isn't it ? haha

Yesterday went back home after college , mom asked me to eat durian , haha i eaten 4 ! ya i know , not much la , i'm a girl , i scared of being fat la ;p if you're a guy , you can eat more more more as u like ! haha college life is actually tired . one word to describe it . this coming friday is orientation night , maybe i just wear casual casual ... really no idea what to wear on that day ! and another big big appointment on Friday is , the appointment between me and my doctor . i need to back Gleneagles to finish a something like ''gas balloon '' test ? haha i not really know . sorry ya ! and for me , tomorrow is my holiday but kinda sad when i heard that start from next week , every day i have class ._. haha ok ciao early ! good night to you :)

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