Friday, April 22, 2011

today is thursday !

what i mentioned on my last post was,i went help them for car wash and i wear my cap, and my secondary school sport shirt.after my 10am class,i went to change clothes and long pant (sport look) but i made a wrong decision.i shouldn't go there to help them since i haven't take my breakfast at the time.i was so frigging hungry at the much i wish someone would buy me breakfast.icanpaybackyou.Picture !

 *teehee !smile !take picture :D 
1 2 3 cheese !
i was so hot under the giant sun *opps !
cold drinks from 7-11 !thats' great right ?

Actually went car wash is quite fun,but the thing i don't like is the weather so hot ..until i can almost faint under it !haha ,joking la !my wednesday was ruined by the study skill teacher !wednesday i got no mood at all.unhappy.down.some-more.So today is Thursday , tomorrow definitely is Friday la !who doesn't know ?haha lame question ! i wouldn't mention anything about Rebecca Black !Although tomorrow is Friday !hahaha.tomorrow ,i want to buy Auntie Anne's !really !not joking d!anyone going too ?bangsar village ?lame.need to study everyday ...jia you !shinnleng !

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