Tuesday, May 24, 2011

make me sick

It's hurt that you know someone you really care of but they do not care of you actually.I've many ideas, but sometimes just hard to express it.lack of time, lack of everything, especially lack of happiness.i want too much, god gives me too few,depress, unhappy, down, and what other thing ?I want to do an Instagram post.Since i have many Instagram pictures in my phone.

Everyday in class, school, i hope everyone around me is happy,with smiling face,laugh out loud everyday,that's what i really hope everyday,and the same thing goes to me,i want to be happy too.Sometimes, happy is just a luxury thing to several people.and i learnt ,people who can make you smile sometimes isn't people who you should precious them.i learnt it from him. he let me knows.

Struggle,power, for me.from him,i learnt a lot,especially is do not smile to people who wouldn't smile back or respond you. From time to time,from the pass to now,from unhappy to happy,from a little girl became a teenager and etc ...I don't hope people treat me as princess but i just hope people wouldn't forget me if one day i left or anything.

Playful girl,trust me i am. hahahha if you know me well, but if you do not know me so well, please don't simply judge me.fucker !mind stuck,maths homework,aiyo makes me sick of it la.now going to move my ass and back to my homework time.College friends, you guys are important too. thank you.

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