Sunday, May 15, 2011

Who says ?

Who says i'm not perfect ? 
Who says i'm not that good ?
Who says i'm not that pretty ?
Who says i'm not tall enough ?
Who says i'm not a girl ?
Who says i don't have best friends ?
Who says i'm the worst ?
Who says i'm not good enough ?
Who says my smile not sweet ?

I beautiful in my way 
To those who are my best friend i think they will treat me as best friend as well
I need you whenever i'm down
I need you to cheer me up

Hopefully it won't be a shit post .
Suddenly come out from my mind while listening Selina Gomez - Who says 
be happy me,i'm a happy girl :D 
Don't judge me if you don't know me well 

Quiz coming 
Books waiting 
Friends planning
I'm stunning 
Girls please be patient 
Boys let's have fun

Shinnleng - optimist 

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