Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Paloroid frame play ; Bye August ; Hello September

Days to days, time flies, my semester break almost ends, still have ermmm... 5 days ? and my birthday ? still have 3 days !oh yeah this friday, do you know it ? Today is my cousin's wedding, i was freaking tired, helped them this and that, and i had been doing a job as a driver for the past 4 days, fetched mom, sister, brother and friends, can't really stand it.

 Paloroid style #1

On 082611 my best friends gave me a surprise, they celebrated my birthday early. big big thanks to Brian & Vivian both, they're my very best friend in secondary school friend ! i thought no one gonna celebrate with me, because my birthday is fall on friday, yeah is this friday ! but, my another best friend cch went to Thailand ... don't know when he's coming back .. a sad case for me, indeed. As he promised, either iphone case or a birthday cake made by him .. and another i asked before, 6 sea shells. how ? i wouldn't get it i think.

Paloroid style #2

On 083011 my cousin's wedding, every girl hopes the one they marry is their true love. i hope i could found my true love in my life. I woke up pretty early in this morning, i did manicure myself & pedicure, i rushed in every second !i brought my bag, threw everything in my bag, lotion, phone, mp4, house key, and so on ... i also use a pink devil iphone case, haha it makes my day even happy ! Look at my cousin ( bride ) her face fills with happiness .. i think she has chosen the right person for the rest of her life.  2 <3 = true love. 

So ... Shontelle - Say hello To Goodbye. Say hello to September, Say Goodbye to August. hello Shinnleng's birthday, legal 18 years old la, i can watch 18PG movie without hiding my real age. I hope i could have a super happy day on 0902. Watched The Sorcerer Apprentice by Nicholas Cage and gonna watch Inception alone. Today i went to cinema to watch Treasure Hunt, suck movie of the year. i slept in the cinema. Just imagine how bored it is !

Merdeka, for my country. 0831. No a big matter to me.

Good night.
is 831 now ;)

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