Thursday, September 8, 2011

Marketing Principles VS Economic Principles

Short story time again, people, look at the clock, now what time ? 1.04am. oh fantastic. Tomorrow class at 11.30am, so it's okay to sleep late. lol. So i'm taking Marketing and Economics in my semester 2, the hardest thing i guess is study economics, since the grade i got in my SPM neither B nor A ... it's C+ Zzz ... One of my weak subject ... However, marketing is interesting for me. i likeyyyyyyyyy !

 The Marketing Mix 4 Ps

Oh my ! It's economic ! ups and downs ! 

7/9/11 wasn't my day, few unhappy shits happened. i get fucked, wanted to cry, but no cry. because big girl don't cry ... what a lame joke ._. i can't stand it too, so good night to you guys. 


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