Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Things i wanna do ; Before i die

My dream is not just above that, more than that, i don't have much time to write out what i'm going to do in the future. Since we say it's future, there are many possible changes going on and on, sometimes it just totally out of your expectation. For me, i said i don't believe in forever, but i'd love to believe there is still a fairy tale waiting for me and the one. Little girl not little anymore, she has to be strong, be strong enough to solve everything by herself. Rely on others is just insecure also. A person who knows me well ? hmmmm ... haven't found yet. Where is he huh God ? Dear Lord. I really hope someone who could look through my broken smile and give me a warm hug just in case.

Well, semester three is going to end soon. Time flies without noticing us. Every effort i put i really pay for it. After my semester three oh ya the saddest thing is i have semester fourth. it's just like $%^&* ! fail ? wtf ! After the saddest part, always happiest part. I'm going to Langkawi trip with my college friends. Heyyy ya you ! You couldn't imagine how happy i was when my mom told me i can go with my friends. Other than going out with cousin, relatives, i never ever went out with friends like this. It's just too cool to be myself sometimes. Yes, Shinnleng. Too cool to be me. The only one in the world, am i right ? hahhahah ... I want to go Langkawi do a lotssss of things i couldn't do in KL! Maybe be a drunkard there since i searched from internet, it says alcohol drinks there are really cheapppppp ! damn ! i like it so damn much ! i wanna try the feeling of sleeping on the beach for a night and watch the sun rise on the beach. The feeling of happiness. You just couldn't imagine how happy this girl is.

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