Tuesday, March 20, 2012

When the best become the worst

Friends around me might know that my parents are so strict. They will set many rules to limit me on this and that, i just have too much to say it out. First, they are over protective. Actually how many of your parent would ask you to call them after you arrive the school, and also call them before you head back to school ? I didn't mean to say my parents not good, but it's just too much for me. I really hope i can escape ! Can you stop being over protective of me ? Hey, you know what i'm a 19 year old girl. You have to trust me of doing the right things ... Didn't you think that the more you limit on me, the more i dislike of being at home ? You are just scaring me away from you.

Not like a cinderella anymore, but i really hope magic does exist. At least, i can erase or mute parents' mouth when they are being too annoying. That's not they suppose to be isn't it ? You care me, i know it, but can you let me free ? Over protective for me, for you not good also .. I don't think it's necessary to call you everytime i reach school. Not only that fucking rule, you ask me to sleep at 11pm everynight ? What the fuck ? for a uni student ? Have you ever thought of the consequence ? I was like what the fuck and fuck when you ask me to do so .. You are too naive aren't you ? 11pm ? Maybe it's just the time i start to do my things ... You ask me to pay every single thing i want, ok, it's fine for me .. but something that's not necessary to pay by myself you also ask me to ? Are you insane ? I hope i never had any working experience so that you would not ask me to do so !

F .. it's not a good
For me.

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  1. normal lo.. they will tell u "next time u become ppl's parents then you will know how u treat your children. I think even more worst than me"