Thursday, July 12, 2012

Smell of missing them

  1. Sometimes, we are not in love with the person we always be with, maybe we just like the feeling when we be with the person. I have lost someone important to me in December last year, he was my best friend. Until today, we said we friend back ... But are we really back to the way we were ? The answer definitely is ''No''
    Those times when i relied on him, my very best friend, he was. I tried so hard to tell him, he really mean a lot to me, but sad that he said i have changed to that person he don't recognize .. I was so disappointed by him ... I was thinking one question, we knew each other for such long time, does he really knows me ? My family should not be the reason he said I've changed ...That's no way. But i'm still happy to hear that he'd like to be friend with me once again.
    Let both of us, give us a chance, give a shot to make wrong to right. Friend, i feel you. Welcome back to the position, best friend. 
  2. Another person ? Oh ya ... Feeling such a mysterious thing in the universe. I miss him a lot and a lot. The way he used to be, he was so damn good to me, to be there every time for me, i fell down so hard, i cried, i told him every time, he had time for me. Maybe his time for me is like funnel, the amount keeps decreasing every time i use. How sad it is ? I tear every time i think of him.
    Does he knows ? No, he don't pretty. Can't he stops thinking of unnecessary stuff ? Pretend like he never heard of those rumors of me and him ? Can't you ? My best ? I still can't get over him ! Urgh ! What a shame ? Does he realizes how sad i was ? Now ... every time i see him, i need to pretend i'm fine, but in fact ? Am i ?
    Can we back to the time ? I miss the old you ... But i don't dare to do whatever i did before ... to you ... like ??? Maybe she's doing all for you. I know right, i hope that one day when i gone, you will realize how i used to be, how i always tell you jokes, made you happy, worried for you ... until i don't do all those anymore ... You gonna know, i was there .. No longer am.
  3. The third person, you acting you start ignoring whatever i do, i guess .. Hmmm, if you are ignoring every thing i do, please don't ask me why i being so cold to you ... You should have realized what you have done to me, i lost you as well, why always her ? Don't you know how sad ? Maybe some people in our life are meant to give us a lesson then leave ? Perhaps ? Someone like you ! Who is the person ?
    I'm not a toy, stop toying me ok ? So ... broke inside. I'm worried about you, but i told myself, i shouldn't be like that ... I mean nothing to you ... I know that, i wish i were ... Fell down so hard !!! I MISS YOU, I MISS YOU, I MISS YOU SO MUCH !!!!
Done for all nostalgic ?
I guess so.
People walk away, not stay.  

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