Tuesday, August 28, 2012

The meaning of #BFF

So ya, be prepared, i gonna tell you how awesome these people are. The time i spent with them it's just too hard to realize how fast time flies. Today, i had another great time with my so called BFF. The true meaning of BFF is best friend forever, you guys know right ? For once, i don't believe in the word best friend plus forever. But these awesome people make me  believe that it's exist. BFF doesn't simply be there. 

I met these people in my standard four, and tuition center when i was in secondary school. You can't predict who will be the person accompany you for the rest of your life, but all you can do is try hard to maintain the friendship with them. And me, I've tried, and still trying. Their name, Cch, Zijin, Peggy, Yanni. They were there for me when i was unhappy in my secondary school time. We also had a lot of fun together, eat together, and done lot of stupid stuff before. 

You can imagine a friendship lasts long is not easy to maintain, two or more people must make time for each other and other things. For these awesome people in my life, i meet them most likely only once half year, but the feeling, the conversation stay same, nothing changes. You can imagine how strong our friendship is. I guess, they will be one of the best parts in my life. Time & memories i had with them, i seriously appreciate these people making me feel that i'm not the only person in life, and i never be alone. They got my back. 

In word, can't describe much what i feel about them ... All i can say is that i love, cherish, appreciate them. I'm glad that i can be myself in front of them. The dumb, crazy, idiot, crazy girl I'm. Thanks god. BFF doesn't always be there when you down, but they will be the best listener in the world, to comfort you, to cheer you up. All i learn from them.  

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