Saturday, October 20, 2012

Played with Samsung Galaxy SIII (S3)

Samsung Galaxy SIII on my hand, cam-cam with it ;)

Played with Brother's phone about 2 months ago, he has the Samsung S3, i only has my iPhone 4 >~<. Laughed by family because of an old phone ... Even mama using The New iPad, pftpftpft !!!! I wanted to get another iPad 2 if possible ... Borrow mama's iPad to school not that good, cause it's still belongs to mama's. Pfft but mama said she will get me Mac Book Pro next year mama you mean it huh ? Don't you ? :)

Next week going jogoya with mama after shogun ! Training for annual drama is so tough, i'm trying my best to make it on stage to performance. Take care people =]

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