Friday, November 16, 2012

Chillin' @ Starbucks Pusat Bandar Damansara

Here is my things ... Book & coffee & iPad LOL !

Talk about my worst subject, it would be microeconomic. Many of my friends told me that microeconomic is not that hard as i think, but i just don't like looking at one graph with many lines. I will feel confusing. Seriously. For me, i think Account is much more easier than other subjects. Easy to score in every way lol. But at the first place i must put my effort lahhhh hahahaha... Holiday mood everyday ? No, i will be mushroom hehehehe, i like busy life, because i don't have to think of what i going to do. Mid term next week as well as going to watch drama on that day ... I will be a happy girl, i will not fear of stress because i know that i have many friends around me to support me. They give me power to be stronger ... Believe in myself. I love you god. No doubts. And, i love myself too. Being a happy girl is a good thing.

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