Wednesday, November 21, 2012


With my *silly* smile with my teeth ;p

Wearing a hair band to make my hair looks tidy, planning to go the curve street market this saturday to hunt for some hari band which i can wear to school ... *if suitable* hahaha, a busy week, month, year ? I'm still fighting with my assignments, activities, stage play characters and so on ... I'm exhausting sometimes. Too be to be there always for other is not good myself ... Now, every moment i breath, also priceless, the time. Cause time will never turn back to let you change. I have to memorize my script and also be one good actor on stage and shine like a star. 

My own school look to college, is shown in the picture above, this is the way normally i look in school ha! As a student, we always fight for our assignment, no matter we sleep, we dream, eat, play, shop ... Such a big big burden :o i want to have a good night, i want to shop seriously, i need a vacation ... but thanks my assistant always remind me i have to do this and that, otherwise, i will ... forget what i suppose to do .. Thanks so much Assistant. You never know you could be one of important person in my little world. Yay, Brother ? Sister ? 

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