Monday, December 3, 2012

Some scary faces with iBooth ;p

 My face while doing assignment last night *dizzy* 
 oh this scary alien face with teethhhhh :P *scary you guys*
With the face of *like a boss* in Starbucks

For the Malaysia time 11.12am, i'm doing my assignment in Starbucks now ... What the shit is element of law, i do have a thing on it and i don't want to know what is it about ... I read tons article of Constitution of Malaysia. Not to forget, one of my group member actually thought Constitution of Malaysia is same as Constitution of Malaya ... oh maiiii god ! I was like, what was going on your mind !!! I can't accept what he told me till now ... hahahahaha people are funny, i mean, some of them .... LOL ! So ya ... this week will be the busier week for me, activities, practices, finals, assignment and etcetc ... Just imagine, how busy i will be ? I'm exhausting but i like this way of life. How ? HAHAHAHA, blog with this new mac book pro, i'm enjoying my life. Thanks Mom bought me this laptop as ??? Chistmas gift i guess ? hahahaha stop here bahhh ... lol

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