Saturday, August 22, 2009

I'm A Lazy Girl ..

This week , XD ...i went to school only two days ..another three days ,
lazy cause H1N1...dangerous ....please don't go out ..Too.ooT
I 'm a lazy girl ..exactly ...i hate my tuition lo cause the teacher
want to change the time table...dislike ..--//--
NO NO !!! stay at home help my mother cook , mop ,sweep the floor ..
My MSN have a turkey boy ..but he don't know English ..
How to conversation o ??
Yesterday my house open a small small party so i made a jelly jelly
to all people come to my house XD ..only less than 15... needs to made too many ..YAYA....
So..the process of made jelly ..easy..~
the jelly i made ..
use colourful cup hold my jelly XD ~
these ......small small ...
more an hour i want to go to jogging lo ...

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