Saturday, August 15, 2009

Piece Of My Mind

What 's Going On?Hot Day ..This cheese cake so nice ..i want !! This week non any special but this week i had absent because i 'm lazy to school and i had a little cough i absent that day still remembered it was Thursday birthday is coming two best friends will make a cake to me ..what cake i needs ? cheese cake ? chocolate cake ? ..what cake i choose ?don't know ..thinking of how to solve a magic cube friends so clever cause he can solve it easily ..i can't do it i have a good habit ..the habit is jogging every Saturday and Sunday ...with my mom ,sister, brother and a Wong family mom's friend..with them ..jogging is goood can released all pressure when i be worried ..forget it ..

August ,14 green colour Valentine 's Day ..happy to all couple ..though i 'm not XD..when i can find a Soul Mate with me ..the boy boy suit me ..haha ..maybe so hard ..Today my sister SPM trial exam Pendidikan Moral ..HAVE A SIGH...what happen ?worry for them ..and my cousin Shaun Shaun will go to Russia for study on Sept 23...Why ??? So far u know ???go there don't know five year or sixth year ..long time ...Will he remember me when he back Malaysia ??But the Unluckily is the day he go to airport is his birthday ..OMG !! Why the god ensconce like this ..Stupid ...

This Sunday is Zi Jin Birthday ..i bought a present for him already ..i gave him on yesterday ..XD
his birthday on 16/08 but my birthday on 0902 this year 0902 no good for me cause is the day of Hantu i will celebrate my birthday on Saturday ..i hope i can celebrate my birthday with my best friends ..Tuition ..tired ..take a break ..last post my title is ROCKIT ..i want to rock my world make it beautiful , colourful two best friends ..without you , my life , colourless ...i believe i can ..^^.. My future ..^^but my two best friends , i think i want cheese cause jason like to eat and yan ni also like to eat cheese cake but Zi Jin don't like should i choose ?headache ..

Many things i want to buy as Digital frame , for display all picture about travel ..and some nail care product dry skin ...lack of water ...and some reference book for add math ..i love add math so much though my highest mark was 57 only ..but better than fail ..right ? i present a shop for you all the shop's name is ETUDE HOUSE good this shop ..what you want to care you body , nail , finger also have ...last time i bought a nail colour that's limited edition good so happy ...Only RM6.90 and above ...i ' m hot ..Today is MYFM 11 anniversary ..happy happy ..i also listen a song from SUKI ..鸵鸟, the song very touch ..GooD ..all of these is a piece of my memory ...Holiday is coming maybe i will go to work at someplace ..salary isn't a problem ...cause if i can get the money then i can buy many things i want shoe , shirt , book , wrist watch ..whatever la ....

Today , Stop here ...i be here advise all wear gauze mask to school ...because of H1N1...


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