Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Tried Day


This post is a short post cause now is 10.38 already
mom said 11.00 must go to sleep so ...
no i choice online and update my blog ..
the first is my birthday is coming up ..
YAHOO...but who will celebrate my birthday (have a long sigh).
second is today i' m very tired cause my tuition teacher had change the time table ..
this holiday one all the time in a mess ..
OMG ..
today since two pm start the tuition until just now ten pm...!@#$$%^...
i will become insane crazy ..more than six hours tired ...

Today my tuition friend cch , Nicholas , and another tuition
friends celebrate my birthday in my tuition ..
the cake is cheese cake ...delicious ..
cut out two piece for my tuition teacher eat and for my friend...
finally the cake finished already ..
XD happy so funny ...any regret ? yes ..
cause another friends did' t came to tuition so ..
they couldn't eat the cheese cake ..
i will post the picture in next post is Wednesday already ..
more 6 day want school ...
.i want to play badminton with my friends but they always on busy ..
troublesome to match their time ..
my time ? freely ...



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