Sunday, September 6, 2009

The Story About

XD..this post is about a long story ..talking about ,my life ,my friends ,my cousin, my family ..anyway,many ...the last one is about my birthday ..XD..happy birthday ..this picture is after i played badminton with my friends cch..OMG funny lah cause after a while ,cch asked my brother 'does my brother eat breakfast ??'' ''then my brother say heaven ,then cch asked my brother want to eat some things like MCD ... What's the problem ?Morning played badminton then go to eat that !!SO BAD!~the next picture >>i capture by myself ..XD..shame ...won't lah ...just a joke face ..not so pretty ...not Q ..but is a good people that's all ..when i capture this picture i was hearing MP4...NO MUSIC NO LIFE
the important ...
OPPS!!!...the ugly cake ..XD...thank you my friends cch and another friends ..this cake i make by cch my birthday cake ..though ugly lah but i like it cause i my favorite cheese cake ...thank you ..u all celebrate with me ...and On 02/09/2009 <<>my father will bring a book very heavy one cost two thousand pages u know what book is it ??it is a history book about all country around the world time i will capture the book ..the next picture is >>>on a dinner , my brother ...his eye ...Chun Whye ..this is me on the dinner ,no need to wear so formal like this ...with my sister ...the dinner had many people ...this is another style ,my hair ...long ...
the style when i 'm going out asked for a class to study English lesson ,yesterday one ,then today ten am ,went to the tuition centre , the lecture very good ...then i stand up for a speech ...only less than 10 people in the class , the class so expensive one ...English , my plan ..end of this year ,i will go for a seminar and a concert ..SS501 ..Korea band .. so famous one ar ..the seminar also about study English ,this post is the long story ..and i guess u don't know what i 'm talking about maybe i no good in English but also can tell u all i will try my best , i go to the english seminar with my cousin ,su jean ...^^

the cartoon ..opps cartoon lah only a bear bear very special ..when i small ,i go to my cousin house like to played this one cute.. Do u think it is ???finished post ..

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