Thursday, September 24, 2009


Yesterday 23/9 was busy morning waken up
and then took a bath and then went to saloon cut my hair
..HAHA my hair so Cute ...XD ..
Yesterday was Shuan's Birthday ...
so disappointed cause the present i gave him
and he didn't bring along with ...
stupid <>
why want to make a present to him ..
buy also okay mah !!!
But maybe i think that's no price one,
b'cause can't buy & sell at any places one ...
make me disappointed ...
at KLIA i told Peter i'm so sad ..
But never mind =)
He is like That one ..
I only told him don't throw the book ..
Hard to Finished it ...
Complete ..
He Leave M'sia one day ..
Shaun , just wanna let you know ..
We are cousin forever ..
If you back M'sia ,i hope you can go out with us ..

i cried ....
the day ....

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