Monday, September 21, 2009

I hate GSC !!!!

21/9 i went to 1U watched [The Final Destination]..the damn and the bitch woman !!! What the fxcKinG woman ...Yesterday , my friends bought the tickets at 1U GCS ..Damn !! My friends said with the girl , for tomorrow one the girl didn't asked that are we below or above 18 ..she didn't asked so we enter the cinema ....The girl don't let us enter the cinema ...%^&* The ticket was yesterday one Sept 20 !! Shit ! The girl wrong la ...then after that the manager came out ..argue with us .. The man asked us are we above 18 ..we can't answer this question ..b'cause we are below 18 !! then the man said changed another movie for us ..but we can't stop our angry HEY we are customer , customer is always correct ...i have money i can pay what movie i wanna watch and when my friends bought the ticket the girl also didn't stop my friends and asked better ...i don't want to said like this but the girl ar very stupid !!After that , my friends and me throw the ticket and go to TGV bought the ticket again ....

21/9 NIGHT ..dinner with my YIM family cause the shaun boy wanna fly already ..During the time , i make a book as project give him today in airport ..some time i think i m silly and stupid maybe he won't thank you me and i know later i will cry in airport after you leave ...18 years old already lah you ...happy birthday to you ...i can say ...after you leave , every Saturday our table will less a people that's you shaun shaun ..i tell myself , one year ,so fast one ...until you back M'sia i m form five already lo so fast XD your cousin , i will send e-mail to you one ....i miss you ..

23/9 later maybe i want to go to saloon cut my hair ..and then go to shaun house already ...wish you all the best ...Don't forget send your picture to us arrrr...........

someone will be tired in their life ..

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