Sunday, October 18, 2009


The computer was lag ...i hate this feel lah !Can not let me online comfortable one !Er....what story i want to write ar ?=) First is the happy matter that is today i went for a English Lesson the professor gave a compliment to me .That is so surprise to me ..I only go to this English Lesson 2 month ...Then he said with all student at there ,said me had improve my skill in speaking and more confident ..So happyyyy..The professor said like this ..I will pay more attention in the class !!But so time i know what he talk about but only don't know how to express my feeling in the class ..

Last friday i bought a dress from net present to you all this website ..That was my second times bought things from internet ..Not bad ...the quality ..they will sent to your house within 2 day ..all product quite nice ...thought is expensive lah ..but somethings only not all thing are expensive ..i hope the school life faster over !!! i hate school life !!!This moment , i want to say that I LOVE MY FAMILY !!

*fast fast sampai HOLIDAY LAH

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