Tuesday, October 13, 2009

My Ho-holiday

Today is the last holiday , today must go to school lur ..i hate to school because everyday when i stay at school always sleep or hear my MP4 at class ..meaningless ..some people play card ,some people sleep at class but me ? only can hope the time pass faster ..because the time at school too long already ..the headmaster also something wrong one ..Actually how many student will go to school when the PMR is be in progress ? Am i right ? All people are same !!

During this holiday i stay at home only help my mom do some housework ..but tired !!people is like that one lo when they stay at home also feel so bored ...i 'm the people like this ..but i don't like to school also ..who i can trust ???Around the world so many people ...But which one i can trust ? Family ? Friends ? Cousin ?i don't think so ...Congratulation ,Shaun shaun had found his internet connection ..that's great ..we can keep in touch in facebook and view his picture at there ..when i look the map , Russia is too far for Malaysia ..i asked my teacher how much we need if we want to go Russia , he said around 7 K ...too expensive lah ~when shaun graduate ..i can't go there ..because too expensive lah !!

Recently i log in my facebook i always enter Friends For Sale to buy someone as Jason Hin ,my friends tuition together one ,he said he want to up his value then i help him lo ...i also want someone buy me up my value also but who can help me ? During this holiday ,i stay at home always sms , sleep ,eat ...that 's all ..too boring ... find some friends chat ...Su jean had just finished her PMR today ..hope she can get straight A ...good ..she said next time can come to selayang play badminton with me ..great !!! people accompany me ..so good ~end of this year i want to go out ..go gai gai ...!!

Now ,no mood to talk too much at here ,because i want to study ..final-exam is coming ..i can't play everyday and forget study one ..when the final exam is finish ,i will go to many places shopping , watch movie , eat ...whatever la ...i go to English tuition every Sunday ,the teacher very fantastic ..good teacher ..a professor ..so good !!!my life is like that ..hope someone can fetch me out ..

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