Saturday, February 20, 2010

Bad Bad--!

I'm a ugly girl , i know...No hopes NO disappoint ! agree ..chinese new year 's holiday gonna finish lor ..sad lor , i want holiday arrrr ! Yesterday i went fourth aunty house for gamble for fun , but peter go out jor , no people ..only me , jeanie , aunty and uncle bobi ..bored ..i hope that my phone can ring , anyone sms to me or call me ..but only nicholas wong call me and ask me about tomorrow ..swt=.= borng sia ..Yesterday played the sims 2 5 hours o !Geng ! create the sims and decorate the house , click cheat and so on ...the sims is a very nice game because in the game you can control the sims life style , no need to work , you can earn money also , just press cheat what ..enjoy ..A boy who is live in your heart , he stolen your heart but you can't get his heart ..damn .bad mood !

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