Sunday, February 21, 2010

The DNA of Yim Family

Omg ~Tomorrow i do not go to school ..Because i 'm very tired right now even i 'm blogging ..Yesterday i went sg long took my dinner (my father's frens belanja) but the dishes were not delicious and small..lols..yesterday i was in tears..the reason in tears i will not write here ,just keep it in my deep deep heart..after the dinner , back to my house and my uncle , aunty , wil shen , jia lin , baby jenny and joan .Back home , i thought Peter , jeanie , aunty Jenis will not come to my home cause it 's late at 10.30++ pm happy finally they come to my house XD ..but i scare when i know that Peter come together ..OMG ..i back my mother room quickly ..lols my mother sure don't what happen is going on ..Aunty Jenis came , it 's very welcome ,she brought the curry chicken along..Yesterday i did not ate the curry chicken cause i 'm really full already ..i hope my stomach become small small small ,my stomach big now ..small lar !You should be a small small stomach so i can fit some more T-T ..i'm fat now XD , finally today i only eat the curry chicken lols ..Jenny create a new character in maple sakura0123 , baby wanna play maple , come , mapling with me XD...Now , going to talk about the DNA of YIM FAMILY , tell you guys here , i like gamble & alcohol drinks because of YIM FAMILY DNA not my mistake T.T .Yesterday we started gamble at 11.30++ till 3.45 stop ! Peter cannot tahan , he 's very tired , he sleep on my sofa ...not only this , when he's playing gamble , he got a bit sleepy also he sleep on my sofa ..we were tired , so tired , very tired dam dam tired ..YIM FAMILY I LOVE YOU , SHAUN SHAUN CAN NOT GAMBLE WITH US REGRET+FUL , SHAUN SHAUN I MISS YOU LORrr ...^^

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